How We Manage Your Healthcare Costs

Cornerstone Management Services Organization

We provide processing, administering and managing of employee benefit plans including medical insurance and finance. We also provide administration of self-funded and fully insured health care plans, administration of employee health benefit plans; insurance claim administration; and claim administration for self-funded and fully insured plans.

Our belief is that our healthcare system can do a better job of managing health and related costs if we improve coordination of care, eliminate waste and improve quality and satisfaction.

There are five key components:
  • Patient-centered health homes that deliver primary care and coordination of care with other providers and specialists to assure that patients get the necessary care when and where they need and want it. Care is focused on minimizing patient’s health risk factors, effective management of chronic conditions and compliance with treatment after an acute episode. 
  • Aligned networks of high quality specialists, ancillary providers and hospitals focused on improved outcomes.
  • Explicit care integration and coordination mechanisms. These must ensure the continuity of care while minimizing duplicate and unnecessary procedures.
  • Provider reimbursement models identified that facilitate and reward high value, not high volume, healthcare
  • Population health information infrastructure to enable sharing of medical, drug, lab result and even self-reported lifestyle and risk information to promote community-wide care coordination.
Each of these factors was taken into consideration as Cornerstone was developed so we are confident that we will take a leadership position in bringing accountability and transparency in healthcare to Kern County.