Why Are We Different?

We are Not-for-Profit

 As much as some firms try to avoid talking about their tax status, we are very proud of ours. Cornerstone was formed as a not-for-profit entity and is very committed to improving the overall health of the population we serve and the Kern County population in general. For-profit healthcare organizations are legally and ethically responsible primarily to their owners and/or stockholders and are obligated to do well for the benefit of these owners. We believe this difference is significant.

We are Transparent

Unfortunately healthcare has become too complex for most people to understand. All they know is it is expensive, sometimes difficult to navigate and watched very closely by the government. There is distrust from a business perspective focused on insurance companies, medical billing companies, providers and collection agencies. Employers pay more but get less value due to employees facing rising and surprising costs. If you ask…we will tell you. We are committed to simplifying health benefits for our clients and sharing information to work together to create accountability in the system.

We are Independent

We don’t believe we have all the answers to improve healthcare cost and quality. For that reason we have partnered with several firms that bring “best in class” capabilities and complete independence to our processes.We also believe that we should avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest in certain areas of our business, such as evaluating the proposed treatment for a patient or reporting on provider practice patterns.

We are Integrated

Integration in healthcare is not simply a mindset or referrals between physician friends or physician ownership in the health plan. It is a commitment to enable providers all along the healthcare spectrum to work together to manage the health of covered individuals. This includes sharing of information, following patient compliance, avoiding duplicate tests or treatments, looking out for drug contraindications, closely managing patients in the hospital and making sure that care received after an admission is complete. Our partnership is all about integration.

We are Flexible

Our network, our systems, our management reports and everything about Cornerstone has been designed to be as flexible as possible in meeting the needs of Kern County employers and their brokers. At the highest level we are able to offer the Cornerstone network as the lowest cost and most restrictive offering of a traditional PPO plan with highly preferred, preferred and out-of-network options.

We are Recognized

Our hard work in developing a model for delivering health benefits has paid off with agreement by major stop loss insurers to offer our clients reduced premiums and liabilities. We can assist brokers in obtaining specific and aggregate stop loss coverage that makes self-insurance a very viable option.